Meets and Subscriptions

Horseboxes and Trailers 

In order to cause least inconvenience to other road users, the Masters would like to point out that all Members are responsible for their boxes being kept off the following roads at all times when hunting. 

 Members are responsible for ensuring that their drivers are aware of this. 

Members who have second horses are requested to pass on their groom's mobile number to Terry Wright so that they receive instructions to where second horses are. Thus avoiding traffic hold ups on busy roads. 

Mobile Telephones 

It is requested that mobile telephones are only used for out-going calls, and are otherwise left turned off. Please show consideration to fellow Subscribers and Followers with respect to their use. 

It is of the utmost importance that we should all be courteous and polite to everyone we meet, whether property owners or those using the public highway. 

Please ensure that all Car drivers and Box Drivers park on the same side of the road, and as far off the road as possihle, giving other road users a clear view and way past, and making sure not to obstruct gateways. 

Please always turn engines off when stationary. 

Mounted followers must be careful not to block the road, ride over lawns, growing crops or wild conservation areas, which we have been specifically asked to keep off, and make sure all gates are securely shut. 


Individuals are responsible for reporting damage at the first opportunity, to a Master or the Hon Secretaries, if he or she cracks or breaks a rail or gate, breaks or cuts wire or makes a gap in a fence, either on the field or as soon as possible thereafter. 

In the event of there being stock in a field in which the damage is caused, the person responsible to make it stock proof. 

Anyone breaking a gate must pay £140, Walls extensively damaged will be charged at cost or 40 per linear metre, whichever is greater. 

The Masters and Committee request that any damage is paid for promptly and prior to the next days hunting in the case of gates. 




All Subscriptions to be paid either by standing order or in full prior to the Opening Meet


No charge to Full, One Day or Senior Subscribers who have paid their Subscription,

or are paying under Standing Order.

£15/day (adult) and £10/day (child) in September & £25/day (adult) and £15/day (child) during October.


1. ADULTS:                FULL                                                                  £1375 plus Field Money (FM)

                                     ONE DAY                                                          £1050 plus FM

2. YOUNG ADULTS: (18 to 24 years from within the country) Half the above rates

3. SENIORS: (Those over the age of 65 years, who have hunted with the Zetland for more

than 20 years. This is a personal sub.)                                                      £650 plus FM


(a) 12-17 years old (who are members of the Zetland Hunt Pony Club, children of farmers,

landowners or subscribers)                                                                        £40 per day plus FM

                                                                                                                   or £250 for the season plus FM

(b) 12-17 years old (who don’t fall into the above category (a))         £50/day plus FM

                                                                                                                   Or £380 for the season plus FM

(c) Under 12 years old:                                           There will be no charge for these children,

                                                                                   but they must be accompanied by a mounted subscriber                              

                                                                                   who has fully paid their subscription or cap for that day.

5. POINT TO POINT QUALIFICATIONS: Point to Point subscriptions are now under a National Scheme with payment made direct to Weatherbys. This payment will include two days hunting, but these

exclude the Opening Meet and Boxing Day. Any additional days will be paid for

on a normal basis. A certificate will be issued by the hunt, to be sent with the

National Scheme subscription.

6. UNMOUNTED SUBSCRIBERS: to include annual membership

to ZHSC and car badge By Standing Order                                        £11 a month or £ 110

7. SEVEN DAY SUBSCRIPTION: 7 days inclusive of FM                 £750


OPENING MEET CAP £130,                                        BOXING DAY CAP £130

Limited to 4 Days Cap for those living outside the Country

A PAY DAY at the end of the season, may take place, at the Masters’ discretion

9. COUNTRYSIDE MAINTENANCE (Field Money) @ £12 per day will be payable

on all subscriptions but may be compounded for certain subscribers as follows:

Full £165             One Day £135

                                                                 (All ages from May 1st)

Any queries please contact

Sarah Clark, Hunt Secretary: 07725009099

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.