Meets and Subscriptions

Horseboxes and Trailers 

In order to cause least inconvenience to other road users, the Masters would like to point out that all Members are responsible for their boxes being kept off the following roads at all times when hunting. 

Whashton Village
Hartforth to Whashton
Hartforth to Ravensworth
Gayles to the Moor
Dalton to the Moor 
Eppleby via Barforth to Pudding Lane Resevoir 
Summerhouse to Limekilns via Dobinsons 
Denton to Houghton-le-Side and Walworth Gate 
Gilling West to Skeeby 
West Layton to Caldwell 

Members are responsible for ensuring that their drivers are aware of this. 

Members who have second horses are requested to pass on their groom's mobile number to Terry Wright so that they receive instructions to where second horses are. Thus avoiding traffic hold ups on busy roads. 

Mobile Telephones 

It is requested that mobile telephones are only used for out-going calls, and are otherwise left turned off. Please show consideration to fellow Subscribers and Followers with respect to their use. 

It is of the utmost importance that we should all be courteous and polite to everyone we meet, whether property owners or those using the public highway. 

Please ensure that all Car drivers and Box Drivers park on the same side of the road, and as far off the road as possihle, giving other road users a clear view and way past, and making sure not to obstruct gateways. 

Please always turn engines off when stationary. 

Mounted followers must be careful not to block the road, ride over lawns, growing crops or wild conservation areas, which we have been specifically asked to keep off, and make sure all gates are securely shut. 


Individuals are responsible for reporting damage at the first opportunity, to a Master or the Hon Secretaries, if he or she cracks or breaks a rail or gate, breaks or cuts wire or makes a gap in a fence, either on the field or as soon as possible thereafter. 

In the event of there being stock in a field in which the damage is caused, the person responsible to make it stock proof. 

Anyone breaking a gate must pay £140, Walls extensively damaged will be charged at cost or 40 per linear metre, whichever is greater. 

The Masters and Committee request that any damage is paid for promptly and prior to the next days hunting in the case of gates. 





Please contact Hon.  Secretaries  Mr and Mrs G Todd 07793807984 for further details.